Increasing the scope of cooperation with the University of Edutus from Hungary

Naslovna najnovije

At the beginning of July, the delegation of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship (BEE) visited the University of Edutus, Hungary, with which there has been a strong and mutually beneficial cooperation for four years. The goal of both higher education institutions is to increase the scope of international cooperation, and the meeting was more than successful and resulted in new agreements between BEE and Edutus. BEE was represented by the Assistant Director for Teaching Dr. Maja Cogoljevic and the Assistant Director for Marketing Dr. Vladan Cogoljevic.

The cooperation between BEE and Edutus was created within the Erasmus+ project. Erasmus+ is one of the largest EU programs that finances mobility and cooperation projects in the field of education, youth training and sports. The general goal of the Program is to support the educational, professional and personal development of people in the field of education, training, youth and sports through lifelong learning.

It was agreed to expand cooperation in the field of Serbian-Hungarian dual education; then international cooperation based on joint projects involving potential funding from the international community; exchange of best practices and professional development for both parties. A new upcoming meeting has been set up in order to start the concretization of the agreed expansion of cooperation as soon as possible.

Hungarian partners are interested in learning more about working methods in Serbia, getting to know the structure of the Serbian higher education system and gaining insight into practical, administrative processes, including international cooperation and the practical framework of each economic discipline.