PEP students at the IHRM school project

Activities Naslovna najnovije

International School for Human Resource Management (IHRM school 2022) organized by the Faculty of Economics And the business administration of the Western University in Timisoara was held online in the period from 28.11. until 02.12. The general theme of the project was Recruitment and talent management in the digital era - best practices, while special topic - Moving through the working styles of the digital era. The school's program was attended by professors from Great Britain, Switzerland, Montenegro, the United States of America, Malaysia, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Moldova, Romania and experts from multinational companies.

The International School for Human Resource Management (IHRM school 2022) is designed primarily to to the students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Western University in Timisoara multicultural experience through work with students and professors around the world who accepted participation in this program. In this sense, an important part of the school's program was related to the teamwork of Romanian and foreign students who were supposed to identify solutions for real situations in the field of human resources management that could help the companies that are partners in this project. Trainers and mentors from all over the world helped them to do the given tasks as well as possible. First year students Rastko Čukanović and Petar Lazarević and Master's student Pavle Ostojić participated in this part of the program in front of our school. Our students showed an exceptional degree of knowledge, expertise and creativity when preparing and presenting their tasks within the Blue Projects Team, as well as a great desire to acquire new knowledge and cooperate in teamwork with colleagues from different parts of the world.


In front of the College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, support for the work of the IHRM School 2022 through various aspects was given by professors: Assoc. dr. Vladan Cogoljević (organization), prof. Dr. Aleksandra Tošović Stevanović (coach), prof. Dr. Zorana Nikitović (coach), prof. Dr. Gordana Gavrić (lecturer) and prof. Dr. Slađana Vujičić (mentor). Prof. Dr. Gordana Gavrić held a workshop for professors on the topic "Impact of organizational culture on human resource management". The College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship will be the publisher of an e-book with expert papers and the most important results and activities of this project. The editor of this edition will be prof. Dr. Maja Cogoljević. Cooperation on this project of the Western University in Timisoara was a consequence of cooperation on projects within the Erasmus+ mobility projects.