Dear current and future students,

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to greet you on behalf of the entire team and to welcome you to our school.

The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship is the result of the work and energy invested by the founders, employees, business friends and students over thirteen years of work. It was not always easy, but good ideas and joint efforts made us have a school today that we are all proud of. We have built up our quality, which is still the basic value we strive for and the measure of everything we do.

Indicators of recognizable quality are certainly over 7,500 Graduate economists as well as more than 2,500 Master economists who are in important positions in various institutions, government services and business systems. A number of our best students stayed in school, so as teaching associates, assistants or doctors of science, they train new generations to solve business problems independently and efficiently run business in the field of business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, banking, insurance and law.

Our students have participated in numerous sports and knowledge competitions in which they have won high places and significant awards. We are especially proud of their project Forum of Young Leaders, which they have been successfully implementing for the third year. At all times, they have the full support of all employees at the school.

The best of professors are engaged in the teaching process, who use modern teaching methods to help students easily acquire knowledge from various fields, while making them active participants in the process who develop the ability to think and reason. The school periodically innovates its curricula, harmonizing them with modern trends and making them current. In cooperation with other institutions, guest lectures are also organized, which pushes the boundaries of learning because students have the opportunity to get to know examples from practice.

The school publishes textbooks that it presents to its students every year, for each study program. In order to build quality, the school publishes monographs and scientific journals in which our professors, as well as colleagues from other higher education institutions, publish their scientific papers. Applying and participating in calculated projects enables our professors to study very important social problems and to create new knowledge about them.

We are especially proud of the EEE scientific conference that has gathered an extremely large number of eminent scientists from different fields and different countries over the last nine years.

I wish current students all the luck and success during their studies, and I invite future students to visit us, to be our dear guests. We are always good hosts who will welcome you nicely and answer all your questions.

Prof. Dr. Gordana Djordjevic