What study programs are there at PEP?

The PEP Faculty currently offers a bachelor studies program and master degree programs:

Bachelor studies of Economics, with two modules - obtaining 240 ESPB and bachelor's degree in economics


  • Business Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance

Bachelor studies of Law, gaining 240ESPB and a law degree

Master of studies for 1 year and gaining a total of 300 ESPB and the title of Master of Economics

How long do the studies last?

Bachelor studies of Business Economics last four years (240 ESPB). Continuation of study in the master's study program lasts one year (60 ESPB). The bachelor academic studies of Law last 4 years (240ESPB).

Are all bachelor and masters degree programs accredited?

Yes, all study programs are accredited in accordance with the Bologna Declaration.

How much do studies at PEP cost?

The tuition fee for basic studies is 1000 € in RSD equivalent. Tuition at master studies is 1300 € in RSD equivalent. The price of the tuition includes books and all supporting material necessary for the work.

Are there and what are the benefits of paying?

We always meet our students and strive to make it easier for them to study at the PEP Faculty. Thus, we provide the possibility of paying tuition fees for up to 10 monthly installments. We pay a 10% reduction on the tuition fee for the full tuition payment.

We also have a special, "family" deduction, which is charged to students of family members, who are studying at the PEP Faculty, where each subsequent enrolled member receives a 20% reduction in tuition.

We award scholarships to the best and most talented students, also for students who win a medal competing under the PEP banner in student events.

What are the enrollment requirements?

If you want to enroll in bachelor academic studies, it is imperative that you have a high school diploma. If you want to enroll in a Master Studies, you must have completed bachelor academic studies of adequate orientation and with a certain number of ECTS credits. Thus, you can enroll in the Business Economics and Entrepreneurship Master's Degree program if you have at least 180ESPB credits with previously completed academic studies. Master of Academic Studies in the Finance, Banking and Insurance study program you can enroll with at least 240ESPB credits from the basic academic studies. For a Master of Academic Studies in both directions, it is necessary that you have completed your basic academic studies in the scientific field of social sciences (humanities, economics, management and business). If you have completed basic academic studies in other fields of science, in order to enroll in a master's academic studies, it is necessary to gain knowledge and pass the exams in the subject: Entrepreneurship, Financial Management and Business Economics.

What do I need from the enrollment documents?

To enroll in bachelor studies:

Application form (obtained in our student service)
Original or certified photocopies of certificates of all high school grades
Original or certified copy of final diploma
Photocopy of ID card
Original birth certificate
Two 3.5x4.5cm photos
Proof of payment of the application fee

To enroll in the Master Studies:

Application form (obtained in our student service)
Original or certified copy of the diploma of basic academic studies
Photocopy of ID card
Original birth certificate
Two 3.5x4.5cm photos
Proof of payment of the application fee

Is PEP Faculty an internationally recognized institution?

Yes. The exams passed at the Higher Education PEP are recognized at numerous faculties abroad. Many of our students have continued their education at prestigious colleges in Europe and the USA.

What can I do after my studies?

Studies allow you to do reference work related to economics, finance, marketing, human resources, etc. You can also perform the functions of lower and middle level managers in business entities as well as be the founder of a business entity. You can be a researcher in the organization department, human resources management or in the development department, work as an organization and management consultant, organization designer, designer of payment and rewards system, product project manager, change, business processes or individual business functions, etc. During your master's studies, you gain the ability to integrate knowledge, solve complex problems, and make judgments based on available information that contains reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities associated with the application of knowledge and judgment, allowing you a wider range of occupations after study. You may also be involved in planning and analysis, monitoring and control tasks, profitability estimates of investment projects, etc.

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