The payment form for exam registration should be filled in with the following information:


- Payer: Name and surname of the student for whom the exam is applied
- Purpose of payment: Exam registration
- Recipient: College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Mitropolita Petra 8, Belgrade
- Amount: 1,200.00 dinars (per exam, you can apply for several exams at once)
- Recipient's account: Current account number stated in the contract you signed with the School
- Reference number: Student index number in the format XXX-XXX-XX (eg 399-901-17)

The price of exam registration is 1,200 dinars per exam.

It is not necessary to pay for each exam individually, but it is possible to pay the amount for all exams that are applied for at once.

Information on registered payments can be obtained by email: within 24 hours from the moment of sending the inquiry.

Dates for exam registration and taking are posted on the school's website at:

It is possible to register for the exam later, no later than the day before the exam, but the price of registration in that case is 2,000.00 dinars.