Why video lectures?


PEP's set of educational recordings aims to educate all students through a modernized approach to multimedia content - lectures, visuals and charts.

Apart from the fact that these video lectures are a logical continuation of the modern educational policy of PEP Faculty, the idea behind this educational series is to inform interested parties about current topics in the field of economics, entrepreneurship, finance, banking, law and related subjects.

Our goal is to motivate additional interest in acquiring new knowledge, innovative thinking and practical action by applying these recordings.

Online video lectures are intended for all students who see continuous training as the best way of personal and professional development as a lifelong process.


Who are the video lectures for?


Current undergraduate students, as well as PEP master's students, have the opportunity to take advantage of the most modern study trend at the moment. Everyone who views higher education as an investment and not as an additional cost is welcome.

PEP's educational lectures are used to identify teaching materials in the fields of economics and entrepreneurship, finance and banking and law, and have a wide range of applications in the professional environment.

This modernized style of teaching is necessary in the spirit of the modern age and is a new trend in both Serbia and the Balkans.