Participation of PEP in the implementation of project activities

Activities Naslovna najnovije

The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship started its first project activity on an international project called "Eco-efficiency and sustainability of small-scale farming: exploring slacks for undesirable outputs and public goods", financed by NAWA - National Science Center in Poland. In addition to our institution from Serbia, 3 other scientific institutions from Poland, Romania and Moldova are participating in the project.

As part of the first project activity, two focus groups were conducted, which were successfully implemented in the premises of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship. The first focus group was conducted with representatives of agricultural farms in Serbia, and the second with experts in this field - colleague Stanko Milić from the Institute of Crop and Vegetable Agriculture from Novi Sad, colleague Milena Žuža Praštalo from the Faculty of Biofarming from Bačka Topola and colleague Marijana Jovanović Todorović from the Institute for Agricultural Economics in Belgrade.

The same analysis will be carried out in all the mentioned countries, and after that a direct survey will be carried out on the example of 150 agricultural farms in each country participating in the project.