Katarina Dr Njegić

Dr  Katarina Njegić

Management, marketing and entrepreneurship

Katarina Njegić (Radosavljević), was born in Belgrade on November 2, 1986, where she finished elementary school and the 3rd Belgrade Gymnasium, socio-linguistic department. In March 2010, she graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade at the Department of Management with an overall grade of 8.66 during her studies and thus received the title of graduate engineer of organizational sciences (equal to the title of master of organizational sciences). In 2017, she completed her doctoral studies at John Nesbit University (Megatrend University) with an average grade of 9.89 during her studies and defended her doctoral dissertation entitled "The Impact of Marketing Oriented Strategy on the Export Performance of Companies", which earned her the title of Doctor of Economics. . He has been employed at the College of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade since 2010.

Biography / bibliography

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