Cooperation with the Faculty of Business Economics and Law from Montenegro

Activities Naslovna najnovije

The Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship has established cooperation with the Faculty of Business Economics and Law in Bar, Montenegro, with the aim of improving cooperation in the field of higher education, research and international cooperation.Cooperation was established in April 2023, during the visit of prof. Aleksandra Tošović-Stevanović and talks with their management Nikola Abramović, vice dean for scientific and research activity, Sandra Đurović, vice dean for teaching and Ivana Tomašević, head of the Center for the Development of Non-Governmental Organizations. On that occasion, it was agreed to sign an inter-institutional contract and a memorandum on cooperation between these two institutions, and agreements were started regarding international projects in which we can participate together. From a large number of ideas, the first agreement has already been reached for the project for ad hoc grants, the call for which is already open for 2023. And we will realize further development and improvement of international cooperation during their participation in the international conference in October 2023, organized by PEP.