PEP representative visiting the Faculty of Economics in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Activities Naslovna najnovije

In the period from 06-10.06.2022., an academic visit to the Faculty of Economics, University of Agricultural University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria by prof. Aleksandra Tošović-Stevanović, representative of the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship.

The visit was organized in order to hold a guest lecture entitled "Competitiveness of Agricultural Enterprises" and meetings with colleagues in order to improve scientific cooperation and partnership on the project Erasmus+ program in the field of youth (Small-scale partnerships in youth). On that occasion, Aleksandra Tošović-Stevanović, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Economics (prof. Dimo Atanasov) and the Vice-Rector of the Agricultural University of Plovdiv (prof. Boryana Ivanova), participated in a focus group organized for a project funded by the European Union, titled "U-GREEN Guidelines for Education and Training Institutions".