PEP cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, Uzhhorod

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Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship from Belgrade is a partner in III International Scientific and Practical Conference CURRENT ISSUES OF ECONOMICS, ACCOUNTING, FINANCE AND PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT organized by the Faculty of Economics, Uzhhorod National University – Ukraine.

Aim of the conference: the exchange of information, experience and results of scientific research on problematic issues of the modern economy development; searching the ways for the introduction of scientific developments, innovative ideas and foreign experience concerning the improvement of the economic reform trends in the context of decentralization, globalization and European integration.


1. National economy management and economics.
2. Development of productive forces and regional economics.
3. Enterprise economics: modern problems of theory and practice.
4. The current state and development prospects of accounting, analysis, audit, reporting and taxation in the context of European Integration.
5. Transformation of financial and credit relations under the conditions of globalization and decentralization processes.
6. Social and economic relations in Ukraine: global trends and national peculiarities.
7. Modern approaches to human resources management and formation of the personnel potential.
8. Trends in the tourism industry development: global challenges and civilizational heritage.
9. Problems and prospects of innovative development of Ukrainian economics under contemporary conditions.
10. Trends in the development of Ukraine's agro-industrial complex: challenges and prospects.
11. Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities.

The conference will be organized in October 2022.